[poems by Eric Robinson]


Gravitation forever is what I desire. Let me experience the endless life of peace in the air. Flotation at a constant rate in the clouds where there is no worries or pain, but just simple pleasing atmosphere where I dare you to not enjoy. A life long vacation in the skies where I share space with the stars, so high I can touch Orion’s Belt. A floating life, free of temptation and neglect, but full of harmony and the effects of a life never lived. Let me be blessed with the opportunity to devote myself to natural nature so far up past the wonders of the galaxy, where the unknown is unheard of and the passion for a proper peaceful soul is needed along with deep dedication to that one truly high power up there. Take only my conscious mind but not the thoughts that linger inside, nor the frustration of a destination so might and respected by one’s self. Let me experience the true meaning of living in a place where no particular lifestyle is required, just long lasting enjoyment in the presence of gratifying sensations and unworldly pleasure. Let me be free!

© 2014   Mallika Roy  ,  "Untitled"

© 2014 Mallika Roy, "Untitled"

Talk Wisdom

How do you close the door to a falling building? Or put a crack in a broken glass? It could take you a lifetime to find yourself and put the pieces to the puzzle together. All we look for in life is the one chance to be the best of the best. It starts from a struggle to a hustle, from a hustle to a passion. Fall in love with what you need and not what you want in life. Finding hope in ourselves helps us find peace in our hearts. Shot down by criticism and hatred, this sometimes leads us to fall astray. But do we give up? Find what makes you whole so that life can serve its purpose. Take it one day at a time and leave worries behind along with negative temptations and the lack of faith. We came too far to give up now, so let’s push for better days and make life more than it is. Survive through the recessions, and know you’re only as strong as you want to be. Strive for perfection and opportunities to show the world what you are made of. I ain’t gonna let you kill my pride, so why should you let me kill yours?



Answer this question: is red the color of perfection? Is it the first thing you see when you see the enemy or is it power and energy? Is red just the color of fire and blood, or is it associated with desire, passion and love? Why do we value it so much as a color? Maybe it’s more than a color. Maybe it’s strength from one person to another. Could it mean danger and war along with pain in a broken heart? Or is red the only thing we know? Is it more than the anger we show and the fuel that flows inside us? Or is red the lust for sex and trust? How do we define red? Do we search for a specific answer book, or should we take time out and look at the color close to define its meaning. Ask what red means to me. It means determination and dedication, as well as the limits of integrity. We all have our own meanings of the color, but what if it takes us beyond our personal beliefs or we never really know what red means?

//Eric Robinson grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and is now a resident of Detroit, Michigan. He started writing poems two months ago and is currently a father to a beautiful little boy named Cire.

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© 2014   Megan LaCroix  ,  "Purple Rain"

© 2014 Megan LaCroix, "Purple Rain"