© 2014   Jennifer Rowe  ,  "Geosyncline Hypothesis"

© 2014 Jennifer Rowe, "Geosyncline Hypothesis"

Internal Bleeding

//Damon M. Bentley

Pops always told me, “King the Kings
Live the life and dream the dream.”

Never gas my self with weed, liquor or lean,
because when you’re riding the ride and the tank hits E
you need to fill back up and now you’re considered a fiend.

Not shooting a rock or passing a dime why can’t I be successful,
Cleaned myself up cut my hair, learned about life now my past is dreadful.

Make it out the dark to succeed in the light,
Tired of empty dreams and personal internal fights.

War scars that I got for fighting the last battle,
Dope heads and murders who beat our world with a wooden paddle.

//Damon M. Bentley attends Mumford High School and enjoys sports and music. He wants to use his voice in music to reach out and change Detroit with a positive impact.


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