February 2015

Numbers on the Periphery

Issue xi


Increase in the average winter temperature in Central Siberia (degrees Fahrenheit) from 1954 to 2003. [1]



Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has become the largest shareholder in the New York Times Company.


Percent of NYT Company controlled by Carlos Slim. [2]


Carlos Slim’s personal wealth. [3]



The Israeli government has accelerated the pace of its settlement expansion in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, leading to denunciations from the UN.


Number of Palestinians displaced from their West Bank homes in 2014. [4]


Percent of Israeli settlements in territories occupied after the 1967 Six Days War that are illegal according to international law. [5]



The Koch Brothers have announced plans to back the GOP in the 2016 elections with a historic sum of money.


Amount the Koch brothers will spend in the 2016 elections. [6]


Total amount raised by President Obama during his 2008 Presidential campaign. [7]



A new report shows that Native Americans are the most likely group (per capita) in the US to be killed by police.


Percent of US population made up by Native Americans. [8]


Percent of those killed by US police that are Native American. [9]



An explosive detonated outside the NAACP office in Colorado Springs on January 6. Nobody was harmed in what the FBI called a deliberate attack.


Total times the explosion was mentioned on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News on the night of and the morning after the attack. [10]



A new report shows that it is not uncommon for entire families in Bolivia to live in prisons together as immense poverty has made this the only feasible option for staying alive.


Percent of prisoners in Bolivia that are awaiting trial. [11]



In the weeks following the murder of two NYPD officers, arrests in NYC dropped dramatically.


Police summons in  first week of 2015. [12]


Police summons in first week of 2014. [13]



The Chinese government has banned women from wearing burqas in Urumqi, one of China’s largest Muslim cities.


Percent of Urumqi population that is Muslim. [14]



Boko Haram initiated its deadliest massacre yet, attacking residents in Baga, Nigeria. Many drowned in their attempts to escape by swimming to neighboring Chad.


Number of civilians feared dead after the attack. [15]


Number of Nigerians displaced from ongoing violence between Boko Haram and government forces. [16]


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