© 2017 John Trice,  "God and DaVonté"

© 2017 John Trice, "God and DaVonté"

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october 17, 2017


MYOPIA // john s. copeman

"Her dangerous moods are like white milk to growing children. Thick and rich, we put on weight that we take with us wherever we go."

COME WHAT MAY // seven scott

A fictional account of an incarcerated man visited by his father before his parole hearing.

MENTAL MAZE // daniel "chief" r. tedford

"Head up, eyes everywhere. / Watch but don't stare. / Listen but don't hustle."



The Periphery was a Detroit-based magazine that published monthly issues from April 2014 to September 2015. Although no longer a monthly publication, The Periphery maintains a blog where writing is published on a rolling basis.

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from Issue I (April '14) through Issue XII (March '15).