Issues I - XII

(April 2014 - March 2015)


Issue i // april 2014

April's edition includes thoughts on public transportation, bathroom etiquette in county jail, Chuck E. Cheese, Leonardo DiCaprio's net worth, welfare cuts, Oscar Grant III, and Orion's Belt.

Gravitation by Eric Robinson (Poetry)
Red by Eric Robinson (Poetry)
Talk Wisdom by Eric Robinson (Poetry)
Hello, Stranger by Mark Jay (Prose)
Jefferson and McClellan by Mark Jay (Prose)
Assessing the Impact of The Wolf of Wall Street by Philip Conklin (On the Arts)
The Struggle of Representation: Fruitvale Station by Philip Conklin (On the Arts)
The Cost of Welfare Cuts by Mark Jay (Essay)
Darren Reese-Brown by The Periphery (Interview)

issue ii

issue ii // may 2014

May's edition includes thoughts on Shakti Kali, Charlie Chaplin's communist sympathies, Wes Anderson's miniatures, war scars, a police raid on East Jefferson, colonial barter, MLK's sex tape, and chocolate milk & grilled cheese.

Internal Bleeding by Damon M. Bentley (Poetry)
Mr. Skloot's Fifth Period by Mark Jay (Prose)
Queen Cranberry by Barbara Jay (Prose)
Frames of Reference: The Grand Budapest Hotel and the World of Wes Anderson by Philip Conklin (On the Arts)
A Marxish Reading of Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times by Philip Conklin (On the Arts)
Peeping Uncle Sam by Mark Jay (Essay)
A Resident's Analysis by Darren Reese-Brown & Mark Jay (Essay)
Nita Roy by The Periphery (Interview)

Numbers on the Periphery [05/2014]


issue iii // june 2014

June's edition includes thoughts on tourist visas, the Korean War, Socrates, online film festivals, slimy black stones, Azerbaijan, going home, new work, sheltering shrubs, and Synthesized Multimedia Entertainment Products.

Well Poem by Alexandra Schwartz (Poetry)
Where Are You From by Sundai Johnson (Poetry)
Luminous Bones by Joan Cullen (Prose)
The Sock Drawer by Mark Jay (Prose)
Filmgoing in the Internet Age: A Seven-Day MUBI Film Festival by Philip Conklin (On the Arts)
This is Not a Film: Godzilla and the Hollywood Doxa by Philip Conklin (On the Arts)
José Parque's Predicament by Mark Jay (Essay)
Thinking Through the Past by Mark Jay (Essay)
Eduardo Santos by The Periphery (Interview)

Numbers on the Periphery [06/2014]

issue iv // july 2014

July's edition includes thoughts on meatball sandwiches, talking donkeys, film algorithms, genesis, grape drink, vague solicitudes, first words, R&B and reality TV, and hyper-weaponized alien invaders trying to destroy humanity.

Genesis by Jordan Harris (Poetry)
Here by Chris Dankovich (Poetry)
Home by Zaire Reid (Poetry)
A Man Who Lies on the Ground is Incapable of Falling by Jordan Harris (Poetry)
The Deranged Donkey by Mark Jay (Prose)
Last Month at the Movies: X-Men: Days of Future Past vs. Edge of Tomorrow by Philip Conklin (On the Arts)
The Comedian's Ethic by Mark Jay (Essay)
Filmgoing on the Internet: Netflix and the Cult of Individualism by Philip Conklin (Essay)
Lunch Lines by The Periphery (Public Comment)

Numbers on the Periphery [07/2014]


issue v // august 2014

August’s edition includes thoughts on a self-sustaining perpetual motion machine, the Zeta cartel, face-to-face chit chat, pedigreed chatter, animal skins, Gaza, and Buzz Lightyear’s enlightenment.

Diaspora Redux by Chris Dankovich (Poetry)
Lingo by Ramona Robbins Porter Newton (Poetry)
Dime Store Belts by Jim Kelly (Prose)
Andy's Fucked Up Cave [on Toy Storyby Ryan Groendyk (On the Arts)
Revolutionary Motion: Snowpiercer by Philip Conklin (On the Arts)
Contextualizing Crises by Mark Jay (Essay)
On the Israel-Palestine Conflict by The Periphery (Public Comment)

Numbers on the Periphery [08/2014]


issue vi // september 2014

September’s edition includes thoughts on clenched fingers, impressionistic watercolor daubings, harbingers of breasts, divorce rumors, positive feedback, shattering public sweats, a swirling mass of intersecting notions, and the Tomatometer.

The Difference Between Trayvon and Me by Jordan Harris (Poetry)
Rainbow Spills by Ramona Robbins Porter Newton (Poetry)
Purple Moons by Rabab Ahmed (Prose)
Cinema as Richard Linklater [Boyhood] by Philip Conklin (On the Arts)
To the Creators of The End of the Tour by Mark Jay (On the Arts)
Against Aggregation: The Anti Criticism of Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic by Philip Conklin (Essay)
Positive Feedback by Mark Jay (Essay)
Beyoncé & Jay Z by The Periphery (The News Out of Context)

Numbers on the Periphery [09/2014]


issue vii // october 2014

October’s edition includes thoughts on humble bumblebees, paroxysms of violence, shady political expedients, necessary evils, night stalkers, gargantuan machinations, the gates of hell, and loose cigarettes.

Chemo by Kate Paul (Poetry)
Stalker by Zaire Reid (Poetry)
Sweet, Sweet Revenge by Mark Jay (Prose)
Bad Film/Good Economics [Why There Are So Many Superhero Movies] by Philip Conklin (On the Arts) 
Brothers in Arms by Rahul Roy (Essay)
Michael Brown on Trial by Philip Conklin (Essay)
Mo' Free Trade, Mo' Problems by Mark Jay (Essay)
A Letter to the Dearborn Heights District 7 School Board by Atiya Haynes (Letter)
Ten Responses to Obama's War Announcement by The Periphery (Public Comment)

Numbers on the Periphery [10/2014]


issue viii // november 2014

November's edition includes thoughts on spoiler alerts, bat signals, crazy eyes, paramilitary raids, and Dia de los Muertos.

Navigating God by Terrell Morrow (Poetry)
Operator by Mark Jay (Prose)
In Which the Review Reveals All the Gone Girl Spoilers by Philip Conklin (On the Arts) 
The Rise of SWAT and the Failings of VICE by Mark Jay (Essay)
Nightmares by The Periphery (Public Comment)

Numbers on the Periphery [11/2014]


issue ix // december 2014

December's edition includes thoughts on wannabe soldiers, big brothers, data bending, thru-hikers, vertigo, the sex-violence continuum, and the flyest thing born to two legs. 

Plume by Niles M. Heron (Poetry)
Thoughts by Terrell Morrow (Poetry)
First Night at the Normal School by Lhea J. Love (Prose)
Glitch it Good: Understanding the Glitch Art Movement by Mallika Roy (On the Arts)
Violence as Culture [Nightcrawler] by Philip Conklin (On the Arts)
On the Pacific Crest Trail, Part 1 by Ben and Sam Ward (Essay)
Sabato Visconti on Glitch Art by The Periphery (Interview)

Numbers on the Periphery [12/2014]


issue x // january 2015

January’s edition includes thoughts on Neptune rising, dark matter, flip-flopping, 8 Mile, musical cluelessness, frightful masks, angelic posture, unique suffering, and police misconduct.

Charlene by Anthony Hamilton by Terrell Morrow (Poetry)
Gravitas by Niles M. Heron (Poetry)
Soliloquy: A West African Tragedy of Errors by Ramona Robbins Porter Newton (Poetry)
Summer to Autumn by Becky Prosser (Prose)
It Ain't Got That Swing [Whiplash] by Philip Conklin (On the Arts)
Blackness in the New Detroit by Aaron Foley (Essay)
On the Pacific Crest Trail, Part 2 by Ben and Sam Ward (Essay)
Torture in Paradise by Mark Jay (Essay)
Infographic: Know Your Rights with Law Enforcement by The Periphery (Graphic)

Numbers on the Periphery [01/2015]


issue xi // february 2015

February’s edition includes thoughts on the Troubles, certain euphoria, wingless swans, drama-turd-gical nonsense, sexy meditation clothing, summers gone, and a handful of media conglomerates.

Asphyxiation by Terrell Morrow (Poetry)
From Longing to Madness by Shirin Bismillah (Poetry)
Swan Dive by Mark Jay (Prose)
Oscars, Inc. by Philip Conklin (On the Arts)
Bird Undertaker of St. Martin's by Joan Cullen (Essay)
Yoga Tradition and Lulu-ji by Gwi-Seok (Peggy) Hong (Essay)
Infographic: Who Wins at Awards Season? by The Periphery (Graphic)

Numbers on the Periphery [02/2015]


issue xii // march 2015

March’s edition includes thoughts on Miss Hooker, used utensils, Haitian Fight Songs, public make-out sessions, re-modernizing modern dance, World of Warcraft, resounding boom-bap, and the Michigan Department of Transportation.

The Big Payback (An Ode to Blackness and Hip-Hop) by Walter Lacy (Issue XII)
A Few Good Years by Gale Acuff (Issue XII)
Just a Wish by Poornima Laxmeshwar (Issue XII)
New Moves in Modern Dance by Claire Alrich (Issue XII)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk's TV Dreams by John G. Rodwan, Jr. (Issue XII)
Just Married: Portraits at Chicago Marriage Court by Marc Perlish (Issue XII)
On Detroit Transit Woes and James Robertson by Ryan Felton (Issue XII)
How I Met Jaime by K. Guillory (Issue XII) 

Numbers on the Periphery [03/2015]