September 2015

Numbers on the Periphery

Issue xvIii


The world population is growing at a rate that scientists have deemed unsustainable unless levels of consumption drastically decrease.


Estimated world population by year 2100. [1]



Wages in the US have increased this fiscal quarter by the lowest percentage since 1982.


National minimum wage. [2]


Ratio of current minimum wage to minimum wage in 1960, adjusted for inflation. [3]



A British photographer booked a photo shoot in Detroit’s Packard Plant, and he brought a tiger with him into the building. Mayor Duggan’s office approved the shoot. The tiger got loose. "People think it's OK to bring super dangerous animals into the city … because they think it's a cesspool and that they can do whatever [they] want," a local man who helped capture the tiger said.


Percent decrease of global tiger population in the last century. [4]



The Los Angeles homeless population has increased dramatically in the last few years.


Percent increase in LA homeless population since 2013. [5]


Percent of public money spent combatting homelessness in LA that goes to the police. [6]



Scientists say that California’s drought is being exacerbated by climate change, and that the Western US is headed for its driest period in 1,000 years.


Percent of the drought’s severity caused by climate change. [7]



The FDA has approved the drug Addyi, which is being branded as a female Viagra. Makers of the “pink pill” claim that it heightens female sexual desire.


Percent of American men in 2010 who reported that their partner had an orgasm at their most recent sexual event. [8]


Percent of American women in 2010 who reported having had an orgasm at their most recent sexual event. [9]



Number of Americans fatally shot by police in 2015 (as of August 27). [10]


Percent of those fatally shot that were black and unarmed. [11]



There was a series of fatal explosions in a Tianjin, China in a facility that handles hazardous materials. Several videos of the devastating explosions have went viral across the world.


Number of people confirmed dead from the blasts. [12]



The Hamtramck Guerrilla Road Repair gofundme campaign has raised enough money to privately start repairing some of the most neglected roads in the pothole-stippled city.


Annual cost to American drivers from pothole-inflicted damage. [14]