//taz darnall

© 2015   Ernest Camel  ,  "The Anatomy of Geometry"

© 2015 Ernest Camel"The Anatomy of Geometry"

You tremble and shake in that special way
Your mouth wide open, and your eyes glazed
You seem to vibrate from within
An eruption forming just beneath the skin

You clench your hands and arch your back
You cry out as your body goes slack
You ooh, and oh, and curl your toes
As you pull me in the river flows

Your slippery lips caress and kiss
As you hold me tighter in your grip
The walls close in, and I’m buried deep
Your lover’s kiss makes me weak

I shiver and shake and the volcano erupts
It’s like I’ve fallen and can’t get up
I whisper things into your ear
Because I know what you like to hear

I bring you to my side, and hold you close
As we lay content, caught in the afterglow

//Taz Darnall is a singer-songwriter and poet.


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