© 2014   Erica Hernandez  , " Untitled"

© 2014 Erica Hernandez, "Untitled"

Silent Nights
Flashing Lights
Not the kind for super stars
the kind for the guys behind bars
long cold dreary days
reaching far beyond the sun rays
They’re all no good
       “doomed to fail”
Are these the things everyone says?

A place where pain is so strong
you smell the tears?
sour and cold
sense the burns?
so hot they pierce

A place where fear rules and steers
the path of our life ...

Death is prominent
  “Life unwarranted”

Are these the things everyone says?

Predators so fierce
attacking silently
through television screens
no one knows so no one screams
moved by society
and simple thoughts
Trained how to think, walk, and talk
A place ruled by R&B and reality TV

But reality is actually warped
when a young girl's only mother is her favorite celebrity
and young men are at war struggling with their own masculinity

//Zaire Reid is a young, aspiring author from Detroit, Michigan. One day, she hopes to touch the lives of many people through her many novels and poems.


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