© 2015   Justin Kingsley Bean  ,  "Glop"

© 2015 Justin Kingsley Bean"Glop"

If Not You, Who?

//james adrian

I just chose to embrace the struggle
Standing with my Comrades, trying to ease everyone’s troubles
The grass ain’t greener on the other side of the fence
I’ve stood with blacks & whites and we both ain’t have shit
A mother’s pain is the same when she sees her child slain
And “GOING INSANE” is a place that we can all attain
There’s nothing sadder than a ideal that never blooms
Or the person who reacts and kills, unbalanced or just plain loony toon
The earth has problems and it continues to grow
So how can we have problems with hunger but our bellies show
People are homeless, with signs and no shoes on their feet
But we follow our favorite stars and these 50 million dollar athletes
Catastrophe strikes and I’m overwhelmed with grief
It’s in Japan, Haiti and other places I’ll never see
But my heart still feels despite being pumped with prescription pills
Only to find out nothing’s wrong, just needed love and time to chill
Something’s got to change, everybody’s waiting to be saved
Still good deeds exceed through Church, but what about weekdays
I promise you this, the little faith I have still exist
And I’ve been tired, judged and probably missed
But don’t focus on me, I’m simply the voice of reason
Saying everything we think, feel or experience while American Dreamin’
So trying to Google me, will only lead you back to yourself
And the greatest Tweet ever told was 4 letters _ _ _ _!

//James Adrian is a contributor to The Periphery.


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