Just a wish

//poornima laxmeshwar

You should have made a bird
A tiny sparrow or even a black crow would do
I believe I would have tasted
The word freedom
Because I believe in freedom
My hands could have been those wings
I would have flown high in the sky
Kissed a few clouds
Could have relieved by dropping
On few strong heads
I wish I could have been a bird
Could travel all the places they never took me
I could be free from this veil
Which shows me only half of everything
And not the pretty half
I wish I could have been a bird
Where I could choose a partner of my choice
Do it when I felt like
Maybe some other life
For now I am a woman in purdah
Who needs to get up
And wash the used utensils

© 2015   Miriam Brumer  ,  "Holiday"

© 2015 Miriam Brumer"Holiday"

//Poornima Laxmeshwar resides in the garden city Bangalore and works as a content writer for a living. Her poems have appeared in Kritya, MuseIndia, Writers Asylum, The Stockholm Review of Literature, and are forthcoming in Northeast Review and The Aerogram. Her haiku have found space in several magazines like Frogpond, Hundred Gourds, BottleRocket, Under the Basho and others.


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