© 2015   Jo Eun Huh  ,  "In the Middle"

© 2015 Jo Eun Huh"In the Middle"

Ma Cherie Amore

//wayne f. burke

Shut-up Mr. Radioman
and play some Stevie Wonder
like they used to do
in ’67
over the loudspeaker
at Anthony’s spring-fed pool
where I stood in the ice-cold
shallows with my girl
whose hand I held
as we crept into the water
she wearing a bikini
and with breasts the size
of tangerines
that I could not touch
because she said no,
No, and NO,
she was a nice catholic girl
I was a bastard;
she cried
when I told her
it was over.

//Wayne F. Burke's poetry has appeared in Lost Coast ReviewBluestemRed Savina ReviewPhantom KangarooLocustBrickplightRicochetthe bicycle review, and elsewhere. His book of poems WORDS THAT BURN is published by Bareback Press (2013). He lives in the central Vermont area.


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