//niles m. heron

I’m sorry that my arms don’t
actually grow feathers naturally;
that was just an outfit that I
wear sometimes when the mornings feel
like shackles, and I can’t hold in my screams, and
I just want to run north to you —
it makes me feel less heavy and
earth-bound when
I look at myself in mirrors
and it makes me feel
like less of a liar
when you look at me
like I’m the flyest
to two

© 2014   Atlin  , " Esfandyar"

© 2014 Atlin, "Esfandyar"

//Niles M. Heron is a 28-year-old poet and entrepreneur. Detroit-born-and-bred, he grew up locally but lived and worked in Los Angeles and then San Francisco from 2007 until moving back to Detroit in 2014. He fields life questions and shares some of his writing and thinking at Twitter/Instagram @nilesheron.


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