6 digits

//cozine andre welch, jr.

Prisoner Identification Number
2 7 1 4 6 9
Six digits to identify an animated entity comprised
of 10 trillion other animated entities,
a dna sequence consisting of
more than 100 million base pairs;
all compressed, contracted and compacted down to
six digits.
Not even the great force of gravity
could accomplish such a feat;
it would collapse in on itself.
The heat and pressure that fashions diamonds from coal
couldn’t manage such magic.
But we do.
Imagine if we finally put that power
to good use.

© 2015   Ann Chisholm  ,  "None"

© 2015 Ann Chisholm"None"


//Cozine Andre Welch, Jr. is a 35-year-old Detroit native who toggles between being a Guitar Player who writes and a Writer who plays guitar. Incarcerated at the age of 17, he eagerly anticipates his approaching release and chance to experience adulthood. A regular contributor to The Michigan Review of Prisoner Creative Writing, Cozine has been featured in six of the seven volumes, and has even penned the introduction to Volume 4. Blessed with an able and supportive family, Cozine will soon attain his degree in Business Administration.


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