© 2014   Marc Perlish  ,  "Untitled "

     © 2014 Marc Perlish, "Untitled"

Well Poem

//Alexandra Schwartz

Well with my hands folded I’m
        Unable to look up 
Each slimy black stone stammering to the top
A meadow, a tree, a smudge of a house
Pessismism and optimism passed down according to pamphlets
I wonder where it lives in our bodies and how much its able to turn
When I cry, I try to whisper in my head 
          it's yours     but can only think to do it
My brother my dad my boyfriend when I think of he 
      It's more of a wheel 
Less of a flood and more of a stone
Upright and grinding out sparks like industry 

All of this energy in us for what?

//Alexandra Schwartz has her bachelor's degree in creative writing and anthropology. She looks forward to one day being a teacher and every day learning to love more.


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