Where Were You?

//eryanna taylor

Where were you?

When I needed you the most,
I now see what type of person you are,

the type of person to lure people in with Your lies and deception.

I sit here in this dark,
and scary place
crying out to you,
dying slowly,
Wishing you were here.

You abandoned me,
this child,
doesn't even know how to take care of itself.

© 2015   Mark Anthony Stanisz ,   "()"

© 2015 Mark Anthony Stanisz"()"

Where were you?

during the time
you left me
in the dark all alone
to fend off those who aren’t Holy,
to hide in tiny places,
to try and not be found.
why would you leave me all alone
during the time
I was taken away from you.

You looked at me with,
Such monstrous eyes,
and watched them,
the kind of people that you can’t trust,
the World,
and whatever is in it,
Take me away from you.

How could you,
Was it already planned out
From the beginning,
From the time I was
Was I always meant to
be taken away from you?

Oh how I wish that
wasn't the truth.
Am I that horrible to have
if I wasn’t smart would you accept me?
if I was to cut off my long hair,
so that it wouldn’t get in your way,
would you love me more?
if I were to be more like you
would it be okay for me to stay a little bit longer?
Your own child,
parents are supposed to always
Protect their children?
Am I not right or am I just wrong?

Why, why, would you
do this to me?
you’re supposed to always
be the one person in the
making sure there aren’t any monsters
hiding under my bed
or in my closet at night.
You’re supposed to threaten those who
have any intentions of hurting me,
and guiding me away from Evil.

you lied

you lied to me
you'd always say
that “I'm the only one you can trust
and the only one
who will always protect you."

But you didn't
you didn't
you never kept your promise,
Now I'm here TRAPPED in this
Scary room
with people who are just like me.

A person who now doesn't know
Left from Right
what's Right from Wrong.

We were taken away
From the people whom we trusted
the most
we're here all alone
stuck in between two dimensions
Life and

Why did I ever trust you?
I trusted you with my life
and the only thing you did was
and Throw it
Far away.

but still to this day I,
wait for the day that you'll
finally come and save me,
WE all do.

Where were you?

Aren't you the kind of person to
Lure people in with your
Lies and

And when I needed you the most,
you weren't there to
protect me.

And all
I wanted was someone
to watch over me.

//Eryanna Taylor is a senior at Mumford High School who loves to read and write. Her favorite poet is Shane Koyczan and her favorite author is Patricia Briggs.


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