November 2014


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As a follow-up to Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, The Periphery asked our readers: What's your worst nightmare?


© 2014   Ava Decapri  ,  "Shut Eye    Déjà Vu"

© 2014 Ava Decapri, "Shut Eye Déjà Vu"

My dad would try to kill me at my house and the only way to escape was to fly out a window with my dog to a foreign country. Except for the few times we made it to India, we’d always start losing our flying abilities and begin to fall not far from my house. This was a recurring dream that happened from elementary school to high school.

There's a monster truck and it will be on my street or by my house and somehow I will be a miniature form of myself and it will chase me down the street. I will have to run up the stairs on the porch and it will go from a big monster truck to somehow fit inside the house and I will have to run under the couch.

Picture a very old enclosed high school pool that reeks of chlorine and mildew. Picture sagging fish netting haphazardly attached to the four corners of the ceiling. I am alone. I am on top of the fish netting on my stomach looking far below to the water. Suddenly the netting starts to rip and give way. I desperately cling to the netting as I drop closer and closer to the water. I scream when I see the shark jumping up toward me. I always wake up during the free fall ... before I hit the water. Before I am eaten alive.

I'm in a car and the brakes go out and I can't stop.

I was standing with a group of people on the roof of a tall building. A plane zipped right over our heads, and someone called out, "What kind of pilot does that?" And then the plane crashed into the building next over, followed by ten other planes who also crashed into the buildings around us. Someone said we had to go north. Go north. Go north. Next thing I know, I was in a different building, climbing north, and a plane was about to smash into us and I woke up.

The worst nightmare I had was when this bow-legged woman was chasing me down the street. She didn’t have no teeth. I was in front of a car, and she started calling my name. When she caught me, she tried to bite me.

I was running on top of a roof while dodging bullets. I had no choice but to jump off and was falling out of the sky and woke up before I hit the ground.

© 2014   Tyler Krantz  ,  "Villaggio Italiano sotto le Stelle"

© 2014 Tyler Krantz, "Villaggio Italiano sotto le Stelle"

© 2014   Ronan Lynam  ,  "Clown Hates Carnival"

© 2014 Ronan Lynam, "Clown Hates Carnival"

I dreamt that clowns were surrounding me. They kept laughing. Every time I opened my eyes, I could hear them laughing. I never liked clowns.

Zombies were alive. There were scary moments to the point where zombies almost bit me. But I was the hero by saving my family from getting hurt.

[Ghostface] was making me kill everyone. When I went to see who I had to kill next, he was going to kill me. Then his body disappeared and he was just a floating head chasing me around.

Chuck E. Cheese kept coming out of my closet and his friends were following me with weapons.

I was climbing up a steep mountain, nearly falling to my death several times. When I reached the top, I stood on a cliff ledge with a group of twenty strangers. Soon, Dave Chappelle appeared in the sky in front of us, swinging from a harness. He began saying dark, unfunny things. I soon woke up.

Generally, my nightmares are about my nakedness in public. Sometimes it's showing up to school with no bottoms, sometimes it's being in a public space completely naked and desperately trying to find a place to hide.  It's truly a horrible feeling of shame and embarrassment!

As a kid I hated the sound of silverware touching like some people hate the sound of a fingernail scraping on chalkboard. I had a recurring dream of a busboy dropping a huge bucket of silverware and a waterfall of forks and spoons and knives would clang into each other until I woke up.

Falling from trees, getting launched into the air by catapults, slipping off of ledges. The drop to earth always lasts far longer than physics would suggest it should, and sometimes I wake up right before impact, but other times I don't, and I brace for impact and crash into the ground. Miraculously, I think I'm always unscathed. It's the fall itself that's terrifying, not the impact.

© 2014   Oeishik  ,  "Silver"

© 2014 Oeishik, "Silver"

© 2014   Kate Paul  ,  "Tree of Pain"

© 2014 Kate Paul, "Tree of Pain"

I'm behind a bush, far from the scene, watching this like pasty white, almost ghoulish character picking up pieces of trains and cars, buildings, whatever and throwing the shit with his like magic. He's picking these things up with magic as a way of terrorizing this town. I want to help but I feel kinda lucky to be so far away and I know there's nothing I can do. At first I'm always watching from a distance so I don't feel that threatened, but I really don't want the guy to notice me and get closer, though he always inevitably does notice me for some reason and come chasing after me, with floating train or whatever in tow. It's never a long dream because I think when it's happening, I'm aware and I wake up as soon as I'm bout to get eaten. But I've always sort of been afraid of like a boogey-man, faceless dude type character as a result I think.

My sister and mom were murdered. They were tortured and killed right before my eyes. I was crying and scared for my life when I woke up.

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