September 2014

Beyoncé & Jay Z


The Periphery used real headlines to reconstruct the narrative of recent Beyonce-Jay Z make-ups and break-ups.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Are Pregnant!
Beyoncé’s Mother: ‘Jay-Z Marriage Is Perfect’
Jay-Z Stands Guard Outside Door While Beyoncé Goes to the Bathroom! What a Perfect Hubby!
Beyoncé and Jay Z Confirm a Summer Tour
President Barack Obama: "Beyonce Could Not Be a Better Role Model for My Girls."

Have Beyoncé & Jay Z Lost That Loving Feeling?
Bey’s Marriage Is Perfect! Marriage Rumors Are BS!!!
Akon: The Jay Z/Beyonce Knowles Marriage Feels Corporate
Beyoncé Is NOT Wearing Her Wedding Ring AGAIN, Those Divorce Rumours Aren’t Going Away …
Jay-Z — My Marriage Is One of MY 99 Probs
Beyoncé ‘Devastated’ to Learn That Jay-Z Slept with Rihanna, Rita Ora & More
Three Words for Obama: Don't Do It
Obama Holed in One
The French Have Proof That President Obama Is Boning Beyoncé.

Love Is Dead: Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Marriage Reportedly Coming to an End
Beyoncé Jay-Z Avoiding Each Other on Tour; She House Hunts Solo
As World Boils, Fingers Point Obama's Way
Beyoncé Preparing to Divorce Jay-Z; “She Is Done”
House Votes to Sue Obama for Overstepping Powers
Beyoncé Changes Lyrics on Stage, Sparks Rumor Jay-Z Cheated With Mya
Solange Hit Jay-Z for Trying to Go to Rihanna’s After-Party Sans Bey
This Is What Happens When You Dare to Mildly Cross Beyoncé.

Beyoncé Knowles Opens up About Depression
Beyoncé Reveals 60 Lb. Weight Loss, ‘I Ate Lettuce’
Irony: Michelle Obama Says ‘No One Really Cares What You Had For Lunch’
Michelle Obama Tells Men To Ask Themselves If They 'Truly View Women As Their Equals.'

Crises Cascade and Converge, Testing Obama
Is President Obama Too Detached to Lead?
Obama’s Legacy in Question.

Beyoncé Pregnant, Hopes to Save Marriage with New Baby
Beyoncé and Jay-Z: Still in Love
Beyoncé and Jay-Z Are Fine, Y’All
Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Solange Issue Statement: ‘We’ve Put This Behind Us’
Here’s Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Blue Ivy Hugging at the VMAs, Because They Are a Happy Family
Obama, with Reluctance, Returns to Action in Iraq.

2014 ©   Jennifer Rowe  ,  "Specimen"

2014 © Jennifer Rowe, "Specimen"


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