where were you?

//eryanna taylor

you’re supposed to always/be the one person in the/Whole/Wide/World/Protecting,/ making sure there aren’t any monsters/hiding under my bed/or in my closet at night.

line stretch

//grant czoj

Winds whip in the cold, and/cool in the heat; rolling on/through the ethos, over/the self and on to the next/self and on to the next.

loving care #238

//barbara jay

Applied almost religiously to her grays/Must have been a nod to her youth/To another time when hair did what it was supposed to do/Be a crown of glory.

if not you, who?

//james admer

There’s nothing sadder than a ideal that never blooms/Or the person who reacts and kills, unbalanced or just plain loony toon

the big yard

//j.s. copeman

Like wind blown convicted spores spread across the prison yard, drifting.../Seeking social associations or pleading institutional brotherly bonds, devotion/To nothing in all honesty but the sentence they must ultimately — deserve

snow white and the deadly dwarves

//bryan palmer

“Hi-Hoe, Hi-Hoe, Snow White/is no more,” they gloriously crow.


//taz darnall

You tremble and shake in that special way/Your mouth wide open, and your eyes glazed/You seem to vibrate from within



the building code

//bryan palmer

Does that make me a bad person, because I live by ghetto building codes?


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